Successful Cohort for New Rebbeim

The ATT has just concluded a very successful training cohort geared specifically to new rebbeim in Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi, Arie Crown and Yeshiva Ohr Boruch. Nine teachers from these schools, who have all spent fewer than three years in the classroom, met for several sessions, totaling 16 hours, focusing on classroom management, building routines, parent communication, building trust and relationships with students, lesson planning and lifelong learning as an educator. The facilitators and presenters were veteran principals and educators from the ATT system and the local educational community.

The rebbeim were offered followup coaching to assist them in working on any of these areas of their choice. This kind of one-on-one coaching as a followup to formal training is proven to be an effective model of improving classroom outcomes.

Feedback from the participants in an anonymous survey following the course proved to be overwhelmingly positive:

“The fact that we sat together and heard real challenges from the classroom made me feel better and more supported.”

“Next year I would be interested in hearing more about different teaching modalities and more on modifying lessons.”

“I was attracted to attend these sessions because I want to be the best mechanech I can be, and I want to continue growing throughout my career.”

“I continue to look for new tools to add to my classroom.”

“I learned that trust must be built with parents and that I must choose my words carefully when criticzing or expressing teacher concerns.”

“There are so many components to proper lesson planning; mastery objective, activities, assessment, time management.”

“It is very helpful to have a protocol to teach routines. I learned about teaching the benefit of the routine, then modeling, reviewing, practicing, noticing the correct way and the incorrect way in the modeling and reviewing again!”

The new rebbeim cohort all left with a commitment and curiosity to continue growing in their careers through professional development.