A Taste of Torah – Parshas Re’eh

Written by: Rabbi Mordechai Raizman

Open Your Eyes

This week’s Torah portion, Re’eh, starts with the phrase “Re’eh anochi nosayn lifnaychem hayom borcha uklalla – See what I have placed before you today, the blessings and curses.” Rav Moshe Feinstein, ZT”L, asks why is it that the word re’eh is written in a singular vein addressing the individual while the word lifnaychem is a plural which seems to address the public?

Rav Feinstein, ZT”L, answers his own question sharing a great insight. One has to open one’s eyes to see a complete picture in life. At first glance, one looks at what is in front of him/her and that often makes a strong impression. What society defines as success through materialistic gains is alluring and can influence one’s way of thinking.

With this phrase, the Torah is cautioning the individual – re’eh – take a serious look, gain a deeper insight into what is around you and truly see what is the lifestyle of  lifnaychem, all those around you. Is it really the most famous and wealthy that enjoy meaningful lives of blessing?

Blessings are found internally, in our homes with our family, friends and community. It is the intrinsic blessing that we need to aspire for in life. As we approach the month of Elul, a time of introspection preparing ourselves for the New Year, let us all open our eyes and see the blessings in front of us; let us all stay focused on the internal values that impact the lives of all of our children daily.