TEACHERS EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE – February 21, 2022 20 Adar I 5782

Video Recordings available only for those classes highlighted in red.

SESSION 1           9:00 am – 10:00 am

Explore Some More of the Best Hands-On Science Activities – Kark, Gavriel

Fostering Grit in Classrooms: Pursuing Goals with Passion, Perseverance, & Resilience – Schiffman, Rabbi Dr. Mordechai

Fun and Engagement in the Classroom – Johns, Ms. Beverley, MS

Is Your School the “Happiest Place on Earth?” – Sadigh, Rabbi Yaakov, MEd

Language Processing and Its Effects on Instruction and Classroom Behavior  Gr 9-12 – Kamin, Rabbi Reuven, MA

More Effective Games for the Secondary Math Classroom – Alkhovsky, Daniel

Stars, Slurpees, and Stickers: The Myths and Merits of Motivation – Shames, Mrs. Tamar, MEd

Using Task Verbs and Writing Evidence-Based Claims – Gleicher, Ruth, MA

SESSION 2          10:15 am – 11:15 am

Building Relationships and Collaboratively Engaging with Families – Reed, Mollie, MED and Bennett, Rachel, MSW, LCSW

Building Relationships that Improve Student Academics and Behavior – Sadigh, Rabbi Yaakov, MEd

Don’t Color Within the Lines – Roth, Dr. Shira and Fleischer, Bari

Language Processing and Its Effects on Instruction and Classroom Behavior Gr K-4 -Kamin, Rabbi Reuven, MA

Sefatai Tiftach: Opening the Door to Successful Acquisition of Language and Memory Skills – Shahak, Rabbi Yair, MA, MM

Strategies to Enhance Student Responsiveness and Participation in Language Arts and Social Studies – Gertz, Mrs. Sharon, MA

Taking Part in the World of Our Children to Ensure that They Take Part in Ours – Schonfeld, Rabbi Ari

Teaching Next Generation Science Standards through Storylines – Gleicher, Ruth, MA

Teaching Students with ADHD: A Guide – Felt, Rabbi Dr. Nachi, PhD

Teaching Your Students to Take Notes – Spotts, Mrs. Amy, MEd

SESSION 3          11:30 am – 12:30 pm       

21st Century Goals for Our 21st Century Thinkers – Charnoff, Mrs. Ashley, JD, MEd

Building Capacity in Teens: Guiding Them to Independence – Fein, Marc

Chinuch with Love – Miller, Rabbi Gershon

Don’t Lose Your Marbles: Self-Regulation in the Elementary School – Koslowitz, Dr. Tziporah, PhD

Language Processing and Its Effects on Instruction and Classroom Behavior Gr 5-8 – Kamin, Rabbi Reuven, MA

Making Art to Read Literature – Robinson, Dr. Ariela, EdD

Neuropsychological Evaluations in Relation to School Functioning – Hauser, Dr. Meir, PsyD

REACH Team Meeting – REACH

Social Thinking 101 – Tarshis, Nancy

Spiritual Resistance During the Holocaust – Schreiber, Miki Jona and Hasten, Laurie

Supporting Anxious Children in the Classroom – Berman, Josh, LCSW and Bennett, Rachel, LCSW

The Dynamic Duo: Anxiety and Depression in Teens – Loew, Edward, MA, LCPC, CCHP, NCC

What’s the Big Idea – Unlocking the Power of Deeper Questions to Promote Greater Understanding  – Rabinovich, Dr. Deena S., EdD

SESSION 4          1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

The Rebbe as a Mashpia: Part 1 – Miller, Rabbi Gershon

SESSION 5          2:20 pm – 3:20 pm

The Rebbi as a Mashpia: Part 2 – Miller, Rabbi Gershon