Raising Committed Children

In November, 200 attendees joined the ATT for their 36th Annual Rabbi Isaac Mayefsky Memorial Lecture featuring the captivating speaker, Rabbi Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro. His presentation, Raising Committed Children in a Materialistic World, focused on strategies for effective parenting. His practical suggestions to help parents and teachers keep children focused on Torah values and stay firmly rooted and committed to Hashem, each other and themselves included:

1. Parents, day schools and Yeshivas need to make the home/place of learning a haven filled with Torah values where our children can connect to Hashem and grow and bond with each other. 

2. He defined the word אלה as our reason for being, our goals, our exuberance, and pride in accomplishment. And then questioned, “What would our children say about our אלה, since our actions will influence them as they grow and mature into Torah committed Jews.

3. Steps to connect spiritually with one’s children. 

  • Show undivided attention by shutting out all distractions when interacting with them.
  • Never underestimate the power of prayer. Daven to Hashem for help in this endeavor. 
  • Speak in a way that the child understands.
  • See things from the child’s perspective.
  • Use recreational compatibility to bond with one’s child.
  • Show your child your warmth and emotion. Let them know how much you care – that you are always accessible – and that you mean it! 

This lecture is part of the ATT’s expanded program designed to address the challenges of creative teaching and rewarding parenting.  Over the years, it has become an excellent resource for parents and teachers of children of all ages.  To listen to the presentation, click here.